Orange County, California

The scope of work entailed the demolition and abatement of over 300 buildings totaling approximately 3,000,000 square feet throughout this former Marine Corps Air Station.

Demolition was limited to the removal down to slab only to mitigate risks of soil contaminants to be performed as part of a future phase. The structures demolished included military housing, barracks, airport facility buildings, mess halls, military exchange structures, auditoriums, office buildings, supply warehouses, aircraft maintenance hangars, other ancillary structures and support features.

Asbestos abatement included the removal of stucco, flooring, pipe lagging, roofing, transite, acoustic material, fireproofing and other miscellaneous materials. The crews collected, packaged and disposed of universal wastes including mercury switches, light tubes, ballasts, and refrigerant gasses. Over 200,000 tons of concrete were crushed and recycled on-site for future development. Asphalt areas were pulverized in place and used as fill materials at non-structural areas.

The project exceeded the City of Irvine’s 75% recycling requirements, effectively recycling approximately 90% of demolished materials.


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